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About Us

Visit our friendly staff to discover the benefits of healthy feet.

Make an appointment to visit one of our many foot care offices located in your area. Our team of experts will discuss your condition and options for treatment. We can fit you with orthotics or make other recomendations to facilitate your improved health plan so as to get you started on the road to great health and well being one step at a time. Move forward by calling to schedule a free consultation.

About You

Take the first step toward correcting your foot problem today.

  • Examination

    Our team of specialists will perform a thorough foot and leg examination, observation and gait anaylsis to determine the best course of treatment.

  • Diagnosis

    We will prescribe a treatment plan and follow up schedule based on the results of your examination.


Meet our staff...

Dr. John Evanston and Marta Von Bueller, are board certified podiatrists specializing in problems of the foot and leg.

Kelly Carpenter, Janice Brown and Nikki Alvarez, are trained support staff who will respond to your immediate health concerns proptly and efficiently.

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