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For active individuals who require increased control for severe pronation or supination. Medial flange and deep heel cup increases control of the medial aspect of the rearfoot. Affords correction, stabilization and gait training.

INDICATIONS: Severe or abnormal pronation, need for increased arch support

CONTROL SELECTION: Moderate: 2mm / Maximum: 3mm Ever-Flex (EF) or Carbon-Flex (CF)

Roberts-Whitman Plates

For individuals who exhibit excessive but not severe pronation, especially at the midfoot. High medial flange to induce supination and a lateral clip to control the foot.

INDICATIONS: Abnormal pronation

CONTROL SELECTION: Moderate: 2mm / Maximum: 3mm Ever-Flex (EF) or Carbon-Flex (CF)

Gait Plates


For active individuals with severe pronation or symptoms of out-toeing or in-toeing.

Out Toe Gait Plate: Induces an improved outward position of the foot. Out-Toe Plate has lateral flange and lateral extension of the distal edge extending under the fifth metatarsal head to the sulcus.

In Toe Gait Plate: Induces an improved inward position of the foot. In-Toe Plate has medial flange or distal extension under the first metatarsal head.

INDICATIONS: Out-Toeing or In-Toeing, abnormal foot pronation or supination.

CONTROL SELECTION: Moderate: 2mm Ever-Flex (EF)