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Prescription Orthotic ProcessRevolutionary Material


The Rx process begins with an initial consultation, examination and evaluation of the person in need of treatment. The doctor will conduct gait analysis and consider orthopedic issues such as type and level of activity, foot type, ankle, knee, and hip movement. Once the need for orthotics is determined, the patient will either get a digital foot scan or have plaster or foam casts made of his feet.


Casts are mailed in to Ever-Flex using pre-paid shipping labels. Foot scan files are transmitted to us electronically via phone modem or other internet connection. An Ever-Flex prescription form accompanies each order. In the lab, casts are laser scanned to acquire exact digital images of the foot. Once the individual’s foot data is imported, the correction process begins.


Utilizing proprietary software, our trained technicians will identify foot abnormalities and make necessary corrections to all aspects of the foot surface, heel cup, arch, and forefoot. They will facilitate custom additions and modifications with great accuracy to solve complex biomechanical problems. This information is stored and linked to a computer numerical controlled (CNC) milling machine which creates individualized molds.


The milled reproductions of the persons foot are then used as forms in the manufacturing of Rx orthotics. Flexible 1mm, semi-rigid 2mm, or rigid 3mm plate stock material is heat molded to form the orthotic shell. Shells are sent to the finishing area where they are covered with a variety of foam, topcovers, and other accommodations such as posting, pads, and pockets based on the doctors prescription.

Precision formed and finished custom orthotics are shipped post-paid to the doctor who dispenses with instructions for wear. Optimized biomechanical function and pain relief is achieved through impact shock absorption and repositioning foot structure. Ever-Flex Rx orthotics provide the wearer with a lifetime of improved health and posture.